Namadhu Gramam

Project Thai

To address the needs of youth who were unable to pursue higher education we initiated a project called – Nawmcharitable Trust Thai in 2015, to train and groom the underprivileged and unskilled youth in Industry skills and social values enabling them to choose the path to respect, dignity, success and a self-sustained livelihood.

While the prime focus of the program is to impart industry skills in various sectors, we also support the youth with soft skill training required to achieve sustenance and success. As part of this journey we consciously nurture our youth holistically through workshops, events and trainings started in 2015, we are now supporting close to ______students as part of this program.

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Namadhu Gramam

Namathu Gramam was an initiation followed by the Chennai floods, the students and alumini’s of Nawmcharitable Trust explored identifying, hamlets where socially deprived communities were housed these colonies are located far away from the village, and relief does not reach them. Each of these villages located far away from nearby villages presents a huge opportunity to make a change. They have no basic necessities and their children don’t go to school.

We decided to adopt hamlets of these villages, provide for basic amenities like identity, infrastructure, water, food, shelter, heath, education, livelihood to enable the community for sustained growth under Namathu Gramam scheme 3 villages -Nelvai, Kachur and Keragambakkam in Tiruvallur district, where about 52 in Nelvai, 72 in Kachur and 47 rural irula families.

Rehabilitation of 3 villages

After visiting the major flood affected areas Nawmcharitable Trust foundation has decided to take-up large-scale rehabilitation of 3 villages -Nelvai, Kachur and Keragambakkam in Tiruvallur district, and turn them into model villages. About 52 in Nelvai, 72 in Kachur and 47 rural families in Keragambakkam will be rehabilitated.