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“You are the next generation.” These are the words we tell young minds every time. But do all of them have the means to bring change? Though India is growing and developing every day, there is a large section of poverty that does not have the means for their next meal or the next year of college. These people’s skills and lives are often left undeveloped. We have taken the initiative to better the lives of people.

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about us

Niyaz Ahmed, Founder, Nawm Charitable Trust

The world is rapidly modernizing daily, with every human adapting to the changes. But modernization doesn’t lead to a better life for everyone. People from backward backgrounds are still struggling to finish their schooling or find a job where they can use their skills. The opportunity for a good life is a ticket from the gutters for some.
When our founder Niyaz realised how such opportunities aren’t evenly distributed, he made a decision to change this. Nawm Charitable Trust is dedicated to providing a better life for everyone that dreams of one.

Our Vision

To bring about a change in the socio-economic status of the next generation of Indians through ways of providing clean water, healthy food, quality education, and medical facilities.

We Serve The Humanity

Our Mission

To better the lives of those who don’t have the means and to provide an opportunity to every child.

We Serve The Humanity

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We Serve The Humanity

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What We Do?

We Are In A Mission To Help The Helpless

Clean Water

Healthy Food

Pure Education

Medical Facilities

what we have done

Founded Nawm Charitable Trusts.

Helped three kids finish their college education.

Provided food for three thousand people.

Help them whenever they are in need

Helping each other can make world better

Join the community to give education for children

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No.15, Perumbur High Road, 2nd Street, Chennai-600012. Tamilnadu, India


+91 98846 40092